BWA-129 Black plastic ETL learning folder with silver silk screen 4 ring binder

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General PVC/PVC foaming

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  • Materals
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PU Leather,film Vinyl,

fabric,Real Leather,Paper or as your requiement

Closed sizeA4 SIZE(31*25*XX Spine)
Thickness of material3mm/4mm/6mm/7/8/12mm
cover materialGeneral PVC/PVC foaming
liner materialGeneral PVC/PVC foaming
ring    typeRound/D/Q-Rings/Post mechanism
Loading paper capacity1"/1-1/2"/2"/3"/4"/6"
ring boosteropen and trigger
pipe/rings of quantity2/3/4 rings
rivet finishpolished chrome
rivet stylestandard

OptionsPockets, Business Card holders, Label holders, Padded Covers,

Sheetlifters and more.

1)INSIDE POCKETS:Add inside pockets to your binders, providing easy storage for sheets that haven’t been 3 hole punched or other sized material that you do not want              inserted on to the ring
2)BUSINESS CARD HOLDERS: Provide easy access to your contact information by adding business card holders to your binder. Place a single or double-joined cardholder on       the inside or outside panels
3)LABEL HOLDERS:If you have a label to be inserted on the outside cover/spine of your binder, you can easily add a label holder to your binder. They can be placed on the spine    as a full spine label holder or a partial spine label holder.
4)PADDED COVERS:Padded board offers a rigid, sturdy board with foam padding that     creates a plush feel to your binder panels. Available in Front only, Front/spine,                  or Front/spine/back panels
5)SHEETLIFTERS: Sheetlifters protect sheets from being caught under the ring while      the binder is being closed. As the name implies, they lift the sheets up and around             the ring mechanism to protect the hole-punching from ripping and prolong                      the use of the printed material within your binder

6)ROUND, D-RING, MULTI-RING:There are many ring varieties to choose from includ      

Ring Round Ring, D-ring, and Multi-Ring. The most common ring is our 3 ring binders        however, we also offer 2-ring, 4-ring, 5-ring, 6-ring, 7-ring binders in limited capacities,  sheet sizes and shapes