Why Custom View Binders?

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Definitely the way to go if you are goingto personalize each binder. The standard is white vinyl, although we can makethem in colors, and Dee rings are available. Made with a clear overlay that isopen at the top so you can insert custom title sheets for each client.

Inexpensive, imported view binders havebecome the lost leader at the office supply chain stores. Our view binders aremade with thicker vinyl, solid chipboard support panels and higher qualityrings. If your going to use a quantity of them give us a call. If you areplanning to insert the same title sheets into 500 or more view binders… pleaseconsider (and get a quote on) entrapment style.

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At The TAOYUAN we work with allconstruction styles to give you the custom product suited for your particularneed. A customized company ring binder is still the ultimate way to “get theword out”. Your custom binder is your company representative on site, your miniadvertising billboard inside your clients’ four walls. The internet is afantastic invention, but you can’t force a prospect to go to your web site.Your imprinted custom binder will keep your company name in front of thebuyers… Every Day!

½” to 4 Capacity, Pocket sized membership books to table sized map holders.Weve done them all. Vinyl, Paperboard, Poly or Litho-Wrap. They eachhave a place we can help you decide.

Special Pockets for Loose Sheets, Business Card Holders, CD/DVD Holders… Tell us what you need.

One of the big advantages of the ringbinder is that it is not a bound document. You can easily change out pages,sections or the entire contents. In fact the company binder is a great excusefor your field rep to visit each and every client on a regular schedule… toupdate the binder. While there, it affords an opportunity to build rapport,introduce a new accessory or program, demo a new product and ask for an order!

The binder contents should tell yourcompany history, display your company products and tell about the services yourcompany provides. Success stories and references are often included.

In this internet age there are people thatbelieve they no longer need to distribute an imprinted binder for theircompany. In reality, the fact is that when the imprinted company binder isabsent from the buyers bookshelf the orders start to fade and the vendorbecomes forgotten. It’s a simple case of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

Custom Binders put your company name andlogo in front of your customer base every single day. Even if they don’t touchthat binder every day. Your customers still see your company identity on thespine of your binder every time they look at their book shelf… Now thats advertising!

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